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Grupo Durentto S.A. de C.V, formally known as PROMI, is a Mexican Company dedicated to manufacture and sell the best quality mineral products for several industry sectors world wide. As of today, we have the following certifications that guarantee the quality of our products and services:

The globalized world we live in demands us to be at the forefront of innovations when it comes to our products. In Grupo Durentto, we have taken the initiative to analyze the wants and needs of our clients and to deliver, which allows us to have presence in variety of markets. Our goal is to be the best option available in the market regarding price, quality, and service.

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Silicon dioxide

PROMISIL, our silicon dioxide brand, is a white, tasteless, odorless, chemical powder made by the precipitation of sodium silicate with sulfuric acid through hydrolysis. PROMISIL can be used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutic, and agricultural sectors to name a few. Because of its anti-binding / anti-caking characteristics, it can improve the product characteristics, benefiting and optimizing the manufacturing process.
The chemical, physical and technical applications possibilities for PROMISIL are determined by its followings qualities:
-Thickening effect
-Thixotropic effect
-Carrier effect
-Anti-Cacking effect
PROMISIL is currently used in the manufacturing process of milk products, flavorings, seasonings, condiments, sugars, salts, etc.


Kaolin is a natural product of high purity whose characteristics allow it to have an infinity of applications including, but not limited to, the preparation of paints, plastics, agrochemicals, paper, rubber, and cattle food. Becase of its whiteness and particle size, kaolin gives paints their smoothness and its gloss. It improves its durability and reduces the amount of pigment used in the process. In the manufacturing of rubber, kaolin is utilized as a load, increasing rubber’s hardness and durability. Kaolin is used in the following production processes: papers, refractories, ceramics, glass, paints, plastics, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmestics, construction, electrical materials, rubber, metals, chemicals, fodder, etc


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